Getting legal advice shouldn’t be hard, neither to ask for nor to understand. I keep things simple! The process is transparent, affordable and reliable. As a smaller, specialized law-firm, I am always in the front seat to steer and follow your case closely. I work with an attitude of wanting to be your wingman rather than your last resort. My clients are small to midsize companies, primarily in the tech-, art-, media- and entertainment-industry. Creative minds inspire me.


For longer-term projects or times of higher intensity, you might need an extra set of hands – either onboard or offshore – to assist temporarily without you having to hire an extra headcount and thereby challenging your legal budget. With significant experience from working as corporate legal counsel at companies such as DONG ENERGY and GN Store Nord, I have valuable insight in the many tasks, departments, functions and people that exist in a large organization. I am able to provide on-demand corporate counsel services at a fraction of the cost of larger firms with higher flexibility. It’s a great way to get your advisor even closer, without needing to commit to the ordinary requirements applicable to hiring employees.


I believe that art expands our minds and our understanding of each other, of history, and of society. It brings us closer as human beings, it provokes us to relate to the world around us, and it brings us experiences, thoughts and beauty. Consequently, as a specific area of my services, I work for artists to get their greatest work into the world.I bring together my legal and commercial background, my huge passion and heart for arts and culture, and my network in the art world, and provide specialized and personalized services in terms of cooperation opportunities, various agreements, and practical challenges.
The aim is to achieve win-win opportunities for both artists and their counterparts so more art is created, shared and experienced worldwide.