I believe that art, culture and technology bridge the gap between people and organizations, thus I work to help people and companies in getting their greatest work into the world. From my perspective, the traditional way of working as a lawyer is challenged. I work with the flow of new opportunities by providing highly professional legal services to my clients’ best interests. Moved by the challenge and thrill to do things differently, I am fully committed to contribute to your professional growth. I promote reliable, easy, and affordable legal-commercial advice to artists, start-up companies, creative minds, people and companies in the arts, culture, and entertainment industry based on more than 11 years of experience as a lawyer.


Born 22. August 1977

More than 11 years of experience as a lawyer in the private sector. Primary competencies are within the fields of art/media/entertainment , intellectual property law, corporate-commercial law, litigation, data privacy, and marketing law. I have been employed at pristine companies such as Kromann Reumert, DONG ENERGY, GN Great Nordic, and Copydan, and thus gained great experience with working at all levels of an organization, both in Denmark and globally. I am well-versed in matching business requirements and their legal context, and providing strategic legal advice to key decision makers. I am trained in drafting and negotiating large, business critical and complex global contracts with suppliers, distributors, developers, etc.

Non-Executive positions:
Advisory Board Member, Rebekka Notkin ApS
Advisory Board Member, Wennick+Lefevre ApS